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The Happy Tree

The year 2020 posed significant challenges for humanity, with the lockdown evoking intense emotions that even the most resilient hearts found difficult to withstand. As the year drew to a close on December 31st, 2020, a sense of pain and chaos overshadowed the usual hope associated with the arrival of the new year. With hope dwindling and loneliness looming, I, a fervent advocate of positivity, felt compelled to uplift the spirits of the community around my house.

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Beyond their physical attributes, nature and trees contribute significantly to mental health. 

This community included an elderly couple that took their daily walks, finding solace by the large willow tree in front of my house. There was also a young expectant mother, lovingly cradling her belly with tears of impending fear in her eyes as she strolled past the tree. The children, grappling with the confusion of not being able to meet their friends, bombarded their parents with countless questions. In an attempt to distract the youngsters, parents encouraged them to play with leaves and embrace the comfort of the tree.

The tree served as a shared source of solace for everyone. Personally, every time I embraced the tree, a profound calmness enveloped me, and I wanted to share it with the world. In an effort to amplify the joy and healing the tree provided to passers-by, I painted small circular wooden plaques in vibrant colours and inscribed them with uplifting messages. On the first day of the new year in 2021, I hung twenty-one wooden plaques on the willow tree branches, each carrying simple messages of hope on both sides. My intention was simply to instil hope in the hearts of those who walked by and to foster a community-wide spread of positive vibes.

Over the next few days, the messages gained traction not just from my neighbourhood but also amongst those that lived on the other side of the town. It was overwhelming to see the joy and smile on people of all ages and culture as they stopped to read the messages and hug the tree. In honour of the happiness that the tree was spreading, I named the weeping willow tree, THE HAPPY TREE. 

I have since then made it a ritual to decorate the Happy Tree with Happy Messages on the first day of new year. 


The Global Impact

The Happy Tree originated from a single thought – the desire to disseminate happiness and hope.

In the Maha Upanishad, there is a Sanskrit phrase, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,' which encapsulates the idea that the world is one family. I truly witnessed the essence of this philosophy when I introduced The Happy Tree to the world. Regardless of our gender or the cultural beliefs that shape us, at our core, we are all interconnected as humans. Our joys and sorrows are shared experiences, and nature serves as a reminder of this profound connectivity. I saw the spirit of Oneness emerge amongst the people who connected to the Happy Tree.

The Happy Tree originated from a single thought – the desire to disseminate happiness and hope. Like a captivating fragrance, this initiative extended its influence far and wide, bringing smiles to countless hearts. The power of social media propelled the idea forward, allowing me to connect with fellow advocates of positivity worldwide. A community of Happiness Ambassadors emerged, and through regular Zoom meetings, we collaborated on ways to amplify the wave of happiness.

The Happy Tree garnered tremendous support from a worldwide community throughout the year 2021. On the 2022 New Year’s Day, while the world was facing the second lockdown, individuals from India, South Africa, the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, Belgium, and France joined hands to create their own Happy Trees, adorning their communities with messages of hope.

Transforming into a powerful symbol of hope and life, the Happy Tree has earned recognition from various media outlets over the years. It has been featured in iGlobal news, Wycombe Sound Radio, Marlow FM, Bucks Free Press, and Wycombe Today, amplifying its impact and spreading positivity globally.

The Happy Tree In France

In April 2021, Christine Delmar, a happiness coach, and ardent supporter of the Happy Tree concept, reached out to propose the creation of the first Happy Tree in France. Invited by the mayor of Forcalquier, a small commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department in south-eastern France, I had the honour of initiating and leading the community project for this endeavour. The selected tree, located in the village community garden just in front of the mayor's office, became the focal point of a heart-warming initiative. Witnessing the entire village actively participating in crafting messages of hope and love for the Happy Tree was truly overwhelming. The mayor orchestrated the involvement of school children, their families, residents from old age homes, and employees of the mayor's office. Together, we created 140 happy tree messages that adorned the chosen tree. Today, the Happy Tree proudly stands as a symbol of joy and hope in the quaint village of Forcalquier. Following the event, I received a personal letter from the mayor expressing the happiness the tree brought to the village and expressing hope for the creation of more Happy Trees in France. The news of this uplifting initiative was also featured in the local media.

Christine Delmar, France

Happiness is the solution! Because when we are happy, we discover the desire and the capacity to love everyone! The meaning of life is to be happy. Life gives us many opportunities to come back to joy, expand it and share it around. Happy Tree is one of them. I appreciate very much its simplicity and its heartfelt expression. Let’s open our hearts to be happier because it is in our hearts that peace, love, joy stand. Let’s listen to our heart vibrating with Mother Earth’s heart and resonating with our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts, meaning the humans, the animals, and the plants. Let’s hang on Happy Tree the message which lies in the bottom of our heart. This message is our light shining in the world.


Since 2021, the Happy Tree has actively participated in the Happiness Festival. The organiser, Rossana Bruzzone, is passionate about cultivating joy within her community. Incorporating the Happy Tree activity has significantly increased participation and engagement during the festival. Rossana encouraged children to adorn all the trees on a street with messages of hope, effectively turning each tree into a Happy Tree on that street.


The Happy Tree has been a part of the annual AIM Literary Festival, an all-day in person event in London organised with an aim to promote diversity in publishing. Stories affirm hope and embody subtle lessons of life. The Happy Tree served as a vibrant display, showcasing a multitude of messages, quotes, and positive words contributed by authors, attendees, and children alike, thereby enhancing the spirit and essence of the festival.

In 2022, a replica of Happy Tree was inaugurated at the Nehru Centre, London, The Cultural wing of the High Commission of India, which hosted the AIM Literary Festival that year. This artificial tree now occupies a prominent position within the distinguished reception hall of the Nehru Centre.

The AIM Literary Festival 2023 was hosted at the Brent Civic centre. The Happy Tree was a central highlight of the festival and inspired numerous literary conversations around affirmations, mindfulness, and positive wellbeing.

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